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Life’s Reflections & Questions (Free eBook)

Life’s Reflections & Questions, looks at relationships, cancer & divorce, love and being loved, building skills that let you have a purposeful of life.  More than ever the biggest hurdles we face in life are interpersonal, overcoming these misunderstandings and adversity is one of key skills in creating a happy life.







Building Happier Relationships (Free eBook)

Written for people who want to enjoy happier relationships in their life, with practical steps and keys for you to use throughout the book.  This book will help you to understand yourself and the other important people in your life. For those seeking to find their soul mate there is a chapter that helps you work through helping you discover and discuss issues that will affect your future.

Topics include: Understanding Yourself, The four personalities types, Life tools to help each type, Seven Wise Choices in Choosing a Life Partner, Loving and being Loved More, Your Love Tank, 5 Love languages, How to Build a Successful & Happy Marriage, Seven Keys in Building Better Relationships, Habits that rule our lives, Changing Addictive Habits.




Teenage Life Skills (Free eBook),

This book is a helpful and practical guide for teenagers, to make wise choices in life, covering most of the broader and more critical areas of life. It covers relationships, sex, love, money, budgeting, goals, friends, careers and planning, family breakdown &,divorce, time management and many other subjects that will assist you in making wiser decisions that can affect your future life.

Topics covered include: Relationships & Personalities, Goals in Life, Steps to Achieve Goals, Communication, Friends & Anxiety, Attitudes, Thoughts, and Motivation in Life, Money and Budgeting, Love, Sex, and Virginity, Marriage, Family breakdown, Self Esteem Happiness, Alcohol, Drugs & Cigarettes, Time management Career/ Work Path/ Work Ethic, Wise Life Choices & Life Questions.




Divorce What Now! (Free eBook)

Practical tips to helps you walk the day by day pain of separation & divorce. Marriage and whom you marry is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. 90% of your life will be affected from this one decision. Sadly many people spend more time choosing a house or a car than they take choosing their life partner/soul mate. Sadly divorce affects at least 50% of people (more if you count the childern, This book is an aid to help them walk more easily through this traumatic time in their lives. The book will also help make it easier for you to walk through one of the most painful events apart from death that anyone has to walk through in life. I congratulate you for beginning to read this book when you probably feel lousy and don't feel like reading. I hope you are encouraged and that you get the best possible outcomes for your life. Understanding and knowing what is happening is part of the battle of healing and moving forward.

Topics include: Introduction, Separation, Financial matters, Reconciliation, Divorce, Financial Settlement, Custody, Children & Blended Families, Self Esteem ,Overcoming Loneliness, Emotions, Anger & Betrayal, Depression, Alcohol, Drugs & Cigarettes, Changing Addictive Habits, Women only ,Men Only ,Where to Now! ,Life after Divorce, Wise Future Choices ,Finding your soul mate, Dear Reader Help Wanted